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PRIMOBOLAN DEPOT 100mg 2ml X 5amps (Medical Pharma)

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Primobolan Depot Medical Pharma

Primobolan Depot 100mg/ml 2 ml c/u 5 vials.

Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate) is a compound that is frequently interested those who have just started using steroids and even those with previous experience.

The first thing to consider is not the pharmacological aspect but rather the price. Generally, and for any degree of effectiveness, Primobolan is an exceptionally expensive choice. For most athletes it doesn’t offer any particular advantage. Therefore, the more experienced do not include it in their steroid cycle programs.

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Primobolan Depot Medical Pharma

Contrary to the general opinion, Primobolan is not a weak steroid, and less if considered on the basis of milligram per milligram. Definitely not in terms of its anabolic effects versus side effects. In this sense it works very well. However, due to the solubility of Methenolone Enanthate oil, preparations are usually 100 mg/ml.

Another possible cause that reinforces that perception of weakness in the product is that very often it is used on purpose in very conservative anabolic steroid cycles. Take for example the classic cycle for a beginner of 400 mg/week using Primobolan as the only steroid.

Obviously, the results cannot be spectacular. But in that case, it wouldn’t be 400 mg/week of Testosterone alone either.

With most anabolic steroids or the combination of these, total use is required to be at least 500 mg/week and although preferably between 700-1000 mg/week in order for a cycle to be highly effective. With the use of Primoloban, either alone or as part of an improved performance supplementation the rule is the same.

Primobolan Depot Medical Pharma

Primoloban presents a unique situation in its combined use. Compared to Masteron it probably has no pharmacological difference in behavior when combining, in any case, none that is important, but in practice, those who wish to use Primoloban almost always are also looking for lighter alternatives.

Even though Dianabol, Anadrol or Testosterone are effective supplement options, they are generally not combined with Primoloban.

For those who want a mild steroid cycle, perhaps it is not best to combine Primoloban with another anabolic steroid but with HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadrotopin) in doses of approximately 1500 IU/week.

For example this can be taken as follows; 200 IU every day, 400 IU every third day, or 500 IU three times a week. It provides high normal levels of Testosterone and maintains normal estrogen levels, thus helping Primobolan’s effectiveness and increasing androgenic side effects very little.

This use can be compared to injections of 100 mg/week of Testosterone. 500mg/week of Primobolan supplemented with this amount of HCG is comparable to 600 mg/week of total anabolic steroid use. For those looking to absolutely minimize it’s effect on hair and skin, the addition of this amount of GHC can be excessive.

If what is intended are more moderate Testosterone levels, the HCG dosage should be reduced to a total of only 700-750 IU/week.

In addition, the dose of Primobolan should be maintained at a maximum of 400 mg/week, as Primobolan itself affects the skin and hair.

An alternate situation rarely occurs when a Trenbolone cycle, instead of using a relatively high dose, the athlete limits it and administers another non flavoring injectable steroid to help.

The combination may be more benign to side effects, at least in anabolic terms, at a higher dose of Trenbolone.

It should be noted that Masteron is a more cost effective alternative for this purpose and Primobolan works very well in this case.

The half life of Methenolone Enanthate is approximately 5 days. Therefore, Primobolan is used more efficiently when administered at least twice a week.

Primobolan Depot Medical Pharma

Post-cycle therapy (PCT) may be initiated after 5 days have passed since the last injection and at doses at the 400 mg/week level, while for higher doses, such as 1000 mg/week, it takes at least 10 days for recovery to be feasible.

Methenolone is not metabolized by the enzyme reductase 5-alpha (5-AR), nor by aromatase. Therefore, it is not converted to DHT or estradiol, such are the advantages offered by this compound.

However, it’s inability to convert to DHT does not mean that it does not cause adverse effects on the scalp. All anabolic steroids can cause that problem.

Primobolan is generally an expensive anabolic steroid in relation to it’s performance. It is used in lighter steroid cycles and in most cases, although not always, it is an ineffective choice for more advanced steroid cycles.

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