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Maxpro Primobolan is a synthetic anabolic steroid which has no use in clinical medicine and is not manufactured for the treatment of any medical disorders.

It has been tried out in the past to treat very resistant anemias and improve wasting in HIV patients.

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Maxpro Primobolan was once manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Schering AG, but because of widespread abuse and potent side effects, the manufacture of this steroid has been discontinued for the last two decades.

Maxpro Primobolan and bodybuilders

Primobolan is a synthetic anabolic steroid with very little androgenic properties. It has been widely used by bodybuilders to build up body muscle mass and strength.

The drug is slow acting, and weight gain is gradual. Most users of this product indicate that muscle mass build up takes anywhere from 6-8 weeks to develop. It is a preferred drug for bodybuilding off season. It’s actions are similar to Deca Durabolin, but needs to be administered at much higher doses.

This steroid is not as potent as other anabolic steroids in suppressing the synthesis of endogenous Testosterone from the testes and hence the androgenic effects are much less.

Primobolan is a mild anabolic agent with little or no androgenic activity at low doses. The drug is known to slowly build the protein mass when a diet is rich in calories.

Many bodybuilders combine it’s use with other anabolic steroids and GH.

The potency of the Primobolan is still questionable. There are many individuals who claim that the drug does nothing and there are a few who claim that it can increase body weight.

Because bodybuilders take so many other drugs and supplements, it is very difficult to know which drug has actually caused the weight gain.

Past research with animals does show that over time Primobolan can increase body weight. There are some experts who suggest that Primobolan only works when taken in high doses. However, at high doses the drug does produce a number of potent side effects including breast enlargement.

There are several studies which have shown that the absorption of the drug from the stomach is not great. Less than 30% of it is actually absorbed. The remaining drug is broken down in the liver.

To enhance strength of this steroid, some experts indicate that it should be taken together with Clomid. Others recommend that Clomid should be taken after this steroid is discontinued in a series of cycles.


Primobolan is taken in three different ways by bodybuilders, some take it orally, others inject it and others apply it topically on the skin. In all cases, the exact dose for an effect is simply guess work.

For oral ingestion, the recommended dose is 25 mg once a day. The amount of drug absorbed into the blood stream is not known.

Some experts suggest that when there is no effect seen in 3-4 weeks, the dose should be increased to 50 mg during the next cycle.

Some bodybuilders even take up to 150 mg on a daily basis. Others even recommend the dose should be based on weight – 1 mg /kg per day.

The drug is taken for 4 weeks and then a wash out period is undertaken. During the washout period, most bodybuilders take either Growth Hormone or Thyroxin.

Primobolan is also available as an oily emulsion for injection. The dose recommended is anywhere from 200-350 mg two times a week.

The injection is given in the buttock area and can be uncomfortable. The site of injection must be rotated to prevent abscess formation. The injection should never be in the arms or the abdomen. The outer aspect of the thighs is the next most common site of injection.

Since Primobolan is rapidly broken down by the liver after oral ingestion, many bodybuilders have been trying to develop alternate ways to administer the drug.

Some individuals take the oral pills, crush them and extract them with various organic solvents. The crude extract is then mixed with an oil and applied to the skin. All steroids have the ability to be absorbed through the skin but the amount of absorption is very variable.

Many individuals have recipes for extracting the Primobolan and mixing it with a cocktail of oils, vitamins and nutrients, most of this is based on very little science and is based on junkyard science.

Some individuals claim that recovery after injury is quick when the topical Primobolan is applied to the site of a trauma. However, in all such cases, the quality and purity of the Primobolan is suspect.

The weight gain seen with Primobolan is a little faster when the diet is complemented with high calories.

While there are many cycling regimens, everyone has their own individual regimen. One thing to note about this steroid is that it does not always produce the same effects in each individual. The reasons for this are unknown, but believed to be related to fake steroids or contaminated products.

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