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MASTABOL100mg 2ml X 5amps (Medical Pharma)


Mastabol Medical Pharma

Medical Pharma Mastabol 100mg 2ml X 5amps (Dromostanolone Propionate, or Drostanolone Propionate) was for a long time a very rare substance. Today it has earned, very deservedly, the popularity it enjoys.

When you do not want to use large amounts of injectable Testosterone or Trenbolone, Mastabol is often the ideal choice, being included in the steroid combination or in some cases as the only injectable drug for a steroid cycle.

Mastabol does not suffer from aromatization (it is not converted to estrogen), it is not converted into DHT, nor is it strengthened by the 5-AR enzyme, as a steroid without alkyls does not pose a risk to the liver.

Mastabol Medical Pharma

Mastabol is compared to Primobolan Depot for it’s positive effects on an anabolic steroid cycle, Mastabol is at least as effective as Primobolan per milligram for muscle gain and fat loss, it seems a better choice for muscle hardening.

Drostanolone has a certain reputation for having anti-estrogenic activity. The truth is it’s a pretty subtle effect.

If due to the use of flavoring steroids in a steroid cycle there were considerably excessive estrogen levels, adding Mastabol to the cycle does not solve the problem.

An anti-aromatase such as Letrozole or Anastrozole should be used. And in situations where only moderate amounts of an aromatizing steroid are used, Mastabol may in many cases be sufficient as the only anti-estrogenic agent.

Mastabol has sometimes been called a weak steroid, but that’s a mistake. Doses are often weak.

Historically, doses of this drug have been very low; because it is rare because of it’s price and by the low concentration of the preparation (100 mg/ml).

But in recent years, the price and availability of Mastabol have improved. When Mastabol is included as part of a steroid combination, its contribution per milligram is as large as that of Testosterone, Boldenone (Equipoise), Nandrolone (Deca) or Methenolone (Primobolan).

Mastabol Medical Pharma

If only 100 or 200 mg are added per week, we cannot expect to see significant changes for the dose. Mastabol can be used as the only injectable steroid: in this case it is preferable to see dosages of 500-700 mg/week. However, a Mastabol/Dianabol supplement is more effective, as is Mastabol/Anadrol. Testosterone is also ideally combined with Mastabol.

One thing that has become a common practice lately is it’s combination with Trenbolone.

Unlike combinations with Dianabol or Anadrol, you only get one additive and non-synergistic effect. But, including Mastabol allows us to use a lower dose of Trenbolone while achieving an equal or very similar physical benefit with a lower potential for Trenbolone specific side effects, such as increased tendency to aggressiveness, night sweats and/or insomnia.

Mastabol is also useful combined with Testosterone for those who self prescribe hormone replacement therapies (HRT.)

100 mg/week of Mastabol Medical Pharma and Testosterone may be superior for achieving physical benefits than 200 mg/week of Testosterone alone, in addition the side effects are lighter thanks to the higher levels of estradiol (estrogen) and DHT.

It is not recommended to use only Mastabol for a steroid or HRT cycle because estradiol levels normally drop a lot. But if you want to do so, then the advice to follow is: include at least 100 mg/week of Testosterone, at least 10 mg/day Dianabol or at least 700UI/week, the total HCG will maintain normal estradiol levels during a cycle using only Mastabol.

As ester Propionate, Mastabol has a half life of approximately two days and is therefore advised to inject at least every alternate day, but preferably every day.

The traditional form (Propionate) of Mastabol is also advantageous for short steroid cycles at the end of long steroid cycles, as it gives a rapid transition between high anabolicly effective blood levels and low enough levels that allow natural recovery of Testosterone production.

Mastabol works as well as it’s supposed to. And as far as side effects are concerned, it has as moderate a profile as possible in an anabolic steroid. I don’t know anyone who having used enough dosage is not satisfied with this steroid.

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